Company History

Kurzweil Education was founded in 1996. The roots of the company extend back to 1976 and the introduction of the world's first reading system, the Kurzweil Reading Machine. Today, the company is recognized as the leading developer of literacy technology for people with learning difficulties and those who are blind or visually impaired. We offer products that bring the power and pleasure of reading and learning to the lives of users.

In 2005, Kurzweil Education was acquired by Cambium Learning, known as Cambium Learning Group. Cambium Learning leverages technology and a focus on student-centered, personalized learning to serve the world's students across age and grade spans and curriculum content areas. Our family of companies is focused on learners' growth and the education market's growing segments. With Learning A-Z, ExploreLearning, Kurzweil Education and Voyager Sopris Learning, we deliver technology tools, resources, professional development, and administrative supports that give students the opportunity to reach the potential that is uniquely their own. In math, reading, English Language Arts, science, special education and professional learning, Cambium solutions close performance gaps and transform struggling students into proficient, confident learners.

Together we have dedicated our resources and energy to help teachers support, challenge, and guide students to succeed as learners and contributors to their families, professions and communities.

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