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Google Drive Tutorial (Win)

Access content in Google Drive with this tutorial for Windows users.

Google Drive Tutorial (Web)

Learn how to access content in Google Drive from

Chrome Extension Tutorial

Everything you need to know about the Kurzweil 3000 Chrome Extension.

Manage Files Effectively (Mac)

Save time with these file management tips for Mac users.

Text-To-Speech Audio Options (web)

Customize text-to-speech audio options in to improve comprehension.

Digital Close Reading – How and Why

Learn about how Digital Close Reading provides students an opportunity dig deep into short, robust text, analyzing it for a multitude of tasks.

Prepare for Success: Tips for New College Students

Join guest speaker Nick Hanford, as he shares best ways for students with learning differences to make a successful transition to college.

Tips for scanning documents into k1000

Callis Hutchings of Kurzweil Education speaks to the best ways to utilize k1000 to make printed or electronic text readily available

Guide to Kurzweil 3000

Join guest speaker Karen Narvol. She'll take you on a guide of kurzweil 3000, including the new user interface and latest features.

Online Test-taking

College Board’s ACCUPLACER and Kurzweil 3000 team up to allow students to access online tests.

Free Books: OER from OpenStax

Learn about the benefits of open educational resources (OER) from Rice University.

Key Steps: Making the Grade in College

Learn how content from AccessText can be accessed in Kurzweil 3000 to improve focus, write, and prepare for tests.

Tour New Features & Get Tips for ELLs

Sam share tips on using new features to support vocabulary and language development for ELLs.

Measuring AT Outcomes

Linda Petty shares how to use the COPM to measure outcomes to enhance your assistive technology (AT) service delivery.

Accessibility: iOS 10

Learn how built-in accessibility features can benefit learners and apps that complement iOS 10.

ELL Strategies

Support the 5 elements of reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Digital Doesn't Mean Accessible

Guide the production of digital accessible content with 4 principles.

Test Taking Independence

A few minutes of test prep can have students on their way to testing independently, at their own pace.

Brainstorm to a Deeper Understanding

Learn how to gather information, visualize a concept, and transition to writing.

Study Hacks

Discover robust study skills features and learn a few tricks to individualize learning.

Access to Your Content

Access content using the K3Automater, Google Docs, scanning and your smartphone or iPad.

ELL Vocab Strategies

Review key instructional strategies for explicitly teaching vocabulary and how to adapt them for various levels of language proficiency.

Dyslexia: Greg Rosenbaum

Greg recalls his initial discovery of dyslexia and shares insights on learning productivity in high school and college.

Digital Literacy Today

Dan demonstrates his favorite technologies for supporting digital literacy in the classroom.

Dyslexia: Top 5 Approaches

Positively influence learners with dyslexia using assistive technology and these five approaches.

My LD/ADHD Journey

Liam's story of educational and personal change, a new understanding of dyslexia, LD/ADHD, and “thinking differently.”

Inclusive Learning

Steps to prepare students in self contained classrooms for inclusive classrooms.

Dynamic Learning Maps

Learn how to assist students in developing skills required to show mastery of Dynamic Learning Maps alternate standards.

Challenging Behavior

Practical tips on how to understand your students' behavior and ultimately see positive changes in your learning environment.

Create a PDF File

Save your file as a PDF to create an image-oriented PDF file.

Bookmark Feature

Create navigation within a document, annotate shortcuts, or open files using Bookmark.

Voice Note Feature

You can embed instructions, answer questions, or take notes with the voice note feature.


Check your written work and test answers (or review another's) for proper punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Go to Phrase

Collect all instances of a phrase, or mentions of a character, to support comprehension or create a study file.

Cross-out Feature

Read what the Cross-out feature can be used for and how to use it.

Homework Gap Strategies

Strategies for addressing issues of inequitable Internet access in different communities that create a digital divide.

Text-to-Speech Voices

Quality text-to-speech improves reading speed and accuracy, it even reduces reading fatigue. Find the right voice for you.

Text-to-Speech Dialects & Languages

Listening to text in familar voice or language can make all the difference. Read text and definitions in your language.

Text-to-Speech Audio Options

Text-to-speech voice, speed, and mode impact your learning. Watch how to customize reading rate and presentation Kurzweil 3000.

Open Dyslexic Font

Use Open Dyslexic font to make it easier for learners with Dyslexia to follow text being read aloud, or to facilitate writing.

Customize Text-to-speech OCR

Customize scanning options to ensure the highest quality text-to-speech is reached.

Magnify Text

Improve readability for learners with visual impairments by magnifying the text.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick access to functions and features with the click of a keyboard key.

Image Reader

Read locked text exactly as it appears in the original image or PDF.

Dual Zone Editing

Edit two zones at once to save time in supporting content integrity for reading, assignments, and test-taking.

Page Range

Scan/OCR select pages in a large PDF efficiently with the Page Range feature.

Talking Calculator

Have basic math read aloud with a talking calculator.

Background & Text Color

Improve focus and readability with one click by changing the background and/or text color the match the reader's preference.

Edit Underlying Text

Modify how specific words are read aloud; including fractions, symbols, or words based on a language that differs the text-to-speech language being used.

American Heritage Dictionaries

One-click access to American Heritage Fifth Edition, Children's, and College Writer's Dictionaries.

Picture & Talking Dictionaries

Picture and talking dictionaries facilitate deeper comprehension of new words and concepts.

Bilingual Study Guides

Use highlighters and translation to create bilingual vocabulary study guides.

Bubble Notes

Promote active reading by embedding Bubble Notes in texts.


Bookmark is a very simple feature that can be used in a variety of ways to promote organization.

Multicolor Highlighters

The sky's the limit with this essential study skills feature.

Cross-out Text

Use cross-out to aid with process of elimination in tests and assignments, or to show thinking behind the scenes.

Circle Text

Mark information for studying or tests using circle features—in both blue and red.

Study with Column Notes

Extract highlighted text into column notes to create a study guide.

Online Reference Tools

Stay focused and on task with online reference tools accessible within Kurzweil 3000.

Note Taking

Use templates to support active reading and guide note taking to prep for writing or tests.


Translate words and full passages in over 70 languages within Kurzweil 3000.

Vocab Study Guides

Highlight vocab words with one color and their definition in another color, then extract your highlights.

Graphic Organizers

Brainstorm or map ideas with Graphic Organizers, save time by using a template to get started.

Writing Templates

Save time, and promote effective writing, with templates.

Word Prediction

Ease writing with word prediction, which makes recommendations based on frequency or a selected word list.

Word Lists

Facilitate use of content specific vocabulary in writing using word lists.

Speak as Typing

Self-regulate writing as your typing.

Split Screen for Writing

Split the screen to view outlines as you're writing in the draft area.

Test-Taking Toolbar

Create customized test-taking toolbars based on approved accommodations and state or test requirements.

Lock Features: Testing

Lock features that are not approved accommodations by machine, document, or account login.

Password Protect

Save toolbars and password protection to documents and tests.

Test-Prep Toolbar

Select the test prep toolbar to add fill-in-the-blanks, notes, and edit how a fraction or word is being read with the click of a button.